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Formulary BNF Category
  Controlled Drug  Fentanyl Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02
Non Formulary BNF Category
  Controlled Drug Fentanyl  (Actiq®) Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02
  Controlled Drug Fentanyl  (Instanyl nasal spray) Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02
  Controlled Drug Fentanyl sublingual tablets  (Abstral) Opioid analgesics - 04.07.02

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link in drug section GMMMG IPNTS Recommendation: Fentanyl preparations (04.07.02)
link in drug section MHRA Safety Alert: Transdermal fentanyl patches: life-threatening and fatal opioid toxicity from accidental exposure (04.07.02)