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NHS Trust Formulary
3 Respiratory system
03-01-01-01 Long-acting beta2 agonists
In the management of asthma, long-acting beta 2 agonists (LABAs) should always be prescribed with concomitant inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) and only when ICS alone is not sufficient to control asthma symptoms. Review LABA therapy regularly, prescribe the lowest effective dose, and stop if there is no benefit.
First Choice
Dry powder inhaler 12 micrograms/dose (Easyhaler)
Dry powder inhaler 6 micrograms/dose, 12 micrograms/dose (Oxis Turbohaler)

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Metered dose inhaler 25 micrograms/dose (Serevent Evohaler)
Dry powder inhaler (Serevent Accuhaler)

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Dry powder inhaler 150 microgram/dose, 300 microgram/dose (Onbrez Breezhaler)

May be considered as a treatment option for COPD patients in whom another long acting β-adrenoceptor agonist (LABA) would be suitable (GMMMG).

Not licensed for asthma.

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