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UPD Tresiba (Insulin degludec) Switched round brand and generic description
24/06/2016 12:16:48
(SBoulger )
UPD Insulin degludec (Tresiba) moved
22/01/2015 14:37:24
(ec01ph )
UPD Published from Draft Mode
10/11/2014 16:17:03
(ec01ph )
UPD Insulin degludec (Tresiba) **Only the 100units/mL strength has been approved by the Division of Medicine. Use of the 200units/ml strength requires named-patient approval from Medical D&T Committee Chair**
10/11/2014 16:14:09
(ec01ph )
UPD Insulin degludec (Tresiba) 3ml cartridges (via Novo Nordisk devices) 3ml pre-filled disposable pen (Flextouch)
10/11/2014 16:12:02
(ec01ph )